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GiGuru Tells All: So, What Exactly is Recruitment?

People often talk about recruitment when it comes to the hiring process, but have you ever really wondered what recruitment really is? Here's one perspective; GiGuru Founder and CEO, Anya Tsirklin, dives into what recruitment can be, what it does, and how GiGuru is more than just a recruitment agency with GiGuru Tells All.


"Recruitment isn't all about scanning resumes."

Ever wondered, what is recruiting?

Recruitment IS the alignment of a candidate's knowledge, skills, potential, behavior, and character with an opportunity in an organization. Recruitment ISN’T all about scanning resumes. It’s about having meaningful conversations and connecting the dots of the candidate’s innate qualities with the opportunity at hand.

How does recruitment work?

Recruitment can work in many different ways, however the typical desired outcome is to build out a cohesive and high-performing team. Recruitment could be corporate, which is inside of the organization, or there could be different types of hiring enablement, like agency partnerships. That can be broken down to executive recruitment, staffing or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

What does GiGuru do?

GiGuru works with smaller, growing companies that typically lack a recruitment function, resource or a process. Our in-depth knowledge of the entire recruitment journey allows us to plug ourselves into any part of that process, whether it’s the focus on candidate sourcing, or by building out the entire recruitment function from start to finish, and then managing it. The beauty of GiGuru is that it’s recruitment on demand, and we can jump in at any step of the way!

How does using a recruitment partner help a business?

Hiring and recruitment are full-time responsibilities. However it’s not something you can completely outsource aka "set and forget." It’s a balance between collaboration and delegation and it starts with communication, alignment and trust between the hiring company and their recruitment partner. Developing a sound yet flexible hiring strategy is the motherboard of a solid recruitment partnership.

What are the steps to getting involved with GiGuru?

Well the first step is to meet, of course! Whether it is through a video call or over a cup of coffee - relationships are priority for us.

Chemistry has to be on both sides, because if it’s non-existent, then what’s the point?

The first meeting is typically a high level discussion of what is working, not working and what needs to be done in order to get a specific outcome. Then after that, a proposal is sent, and after it is squared away, the fun begins!

How does GiGuru stand out?

The tagline of GiGuru is “humanizing the hiring process, one company at a time.”

The mission of GiGuru is to provide a transparent, candid, and enjoyable candidate experience so that the journey, no matter where it ends, could be one to remember, leaving the candidate feeling optimistic and inspired. Let's not forget that the job search can be so stressful. The humanizing part is a two way street, this process shows growing organizations that recruitment should not be just driven by technology. The balance of process, technology and human touch is a combination for success.

Another advantage of working with GiGuru is that we provide on-demand recruitment of Recruitment as a Service (RaaS). Whether it’s sourcing, process management, or process set-up, we can do it and would love to do it! We don’t like to push services that you don’t need, so that we can make a quick buck. Our top priority is to understand our clients inside and out; their strengths, weaknesses, fears and accomplishments. This allows us to tailor our process and the types of candidates that come through the door.

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